Lightning McQueen

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Experience next-level racing with Tech Touch Lightning McQueen. Through the built-in touch screen interface, you can select a track or design your own! Whatever you choose, Tech Touch Lightning McQueen is ready to come to life and kick it in high gear!

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Let's Play!

Through the 3" full color touchscreen interface, there are multiple ways to interact with Tech Touch Lightning McQueen.

Design Your Own Track

Draw any shape you want! Tech Touch Lightning McQueen will race that path!

Select A Race
From the Movie

Choose a real race track from Cars 3 like Fireball Beach, Thunder Hollow, or The Florida 500. Place Tech Touch Lightning McQueen on the ground and he will drive in the shape of that track!

Enhance Your Performance

For advanced racers, join Tech Touch Lightning McQueen's Pit Crew and experiment with tire selection, speed, and Tune-up options.

Build Your Trophy Collection

With each race you complete successfully, you can win a special trophy for your digital collection.

Crash Avoidance

Tech Touch Lightning McQueen can sense obstacles ahead of him and react quickly! He can swerve to avoid a head-on collision, but sometimes a crash is inevitable. He'll automatically back up and get right back on track!

He might avoid the object!...or

He might crash into it...

And then automatically back up!

Tell Me a Story

Tech Touch Lightning McQueen will come to life and tell you stories about his favorite races of all time!

He comes to life!

Tech Touch Lightning McQueen is no ordinary race car. He is built with the latest technology that allows you to experience what it's like to be a real racer!

Download More

Ready for more challenges? The built-in USB port connection allows you to go online and download new races with more trophies to win.