Artsplash™ lets you create colorful, 3D art with WATER!

Use the color dyes to mix any combination of colors you want, then use the Aquapen to place the colored water onto any of 6 different Artsheet designs – the only limit is your imagination! And when you're finished, just wipe the Artsheet clean and start again!


Keep blooming with additional Artsheets!

Add more color and excitement to your Artsplash™ 3D liquid art design station with the Artsplash™ Accessory pack! Each pack comes with three unique stencils and one additional dye for even more 3D liquid art fun!

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Remember these guys from The Toy Box?

Surprise! You can bring home these much-loved contenders, too! Take a look at them now––Candy Crusher will be known as Sweet Shaper, but Noisy Persons has the same name you remember. Available June 1. Only at Toys"R"Us!


Hydroshield™ Water Dodger

The winner from Season 2 of The Toy box is Hydroshield™ Water Dodger by Nathaniel Eaton!


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