Max McGrath, along with his techno-organic sidekick from another planet, Steel, is the hero of Copper Canyon. When Max reached sixteen years of age his body began giving off erratic jolts of something called Turbo Energy, one of the most powerful sources of energy in the universe. Max had no idea what was happening to him, and even worse, no idea how to control it.

Fortunately, with Steel’s help, Max learned where Turbo Energy comes from (Max’s father is an alien) and how to harness it. Now, highly skilled in the use of his powers, Max has saved Copper Canyon, and yes, the entire world, many times over! He’s become a leader in his own right, forming a team of his own, Team Turbo, training younger heroes to follow in his footsteps, and together they are making the world a safer place. 


Mastering his power, becoming a leader. Skateboarding, sky diving, base-jumping – no sport is too extreme for Max!