Morphos Character Image




ABILITY: With the power of Reactive Adaptation, Morphos can copy whatever power he’s attacked with! He simply reaches out his tendril-like stitches, bites his adversaries with them; then, his adversaries’ powers become his. Morphos sheds his own limbs in favor of new limbs that mimic the powers of his enemies! The effect is chilling... and dangerous!

OCCUPATION: Biologically engineered weapon of mass destruction and would be world conqueror


Morphos is a horrifying creature made up of different, stitched together monster parts – biologically-engineered by his creator, Miles Dread, for a singular purpose: to destroy Max Steel! But despite his monsterly appearance, Morphos isn’t just some brainless brute. His superior abilities are matched by his superior ambitions! Morphos seeks to prove he's a greater villain than his creator, Miles Dread. Indeed, the greatest villain of them all! 


Villainy, genetic engineering, politics