Mike detail image


Mike is a strong red engine who sometimes appears a little arrogant. He thinks he should be in charge of the other two engines, though neither of them really let him boss them around. Bert simply humours him, but Rex goes out of his way to tease Mike and wind him up, which is not very difficult. Mike much prefers pulling goods trains to passengers, unlike Gordon, as he considers goods much more straightforward and less likely to complain. He is proud of his strength and appears rather confident, but he wouldn’t be so easy to tease if he wasn’t hiding at least a little insecurity. He can sometimes be a little irritable.

Fun Fact!
Mike is painted North Western Railway red and is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway’s miniature engine ‘River Mite’. Mike once lost his whistle and had to have his passengers and crew whistle for him until it was fixed.