Porter detail image


Porter works at Brendam Docks alongside Salty shunting trucks. He is a tank engine with three domes on his boiler: one steam dome and two sandboxes. He is a kind and helpful character, with a good sense of self-confidence and doesn’t worry about what other engines say about him, such as calling him a ‘camel’ because he has so many humps. ‘Water off a duck’s back,’ laughs Porter. Porter is not above engaging in a bit of friendly dockside banter himself, but when another engine is feeling low he can be very supportive. Porter’s easy-going manner makes him very popular. He is a hard worker, although he can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. He is also very brave and can keep his cool in a crisis.

Fun Fact!
Engines sometimes nickname Porter ‘a camel’ because of the three ‘hump-shaped’ domes on his boiler.